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Tailoring excellence for indoor cannabis growth.

Customized Solutions for Superior Cannabis Cultivation

Fully Customizable Indoor Cannabis Grow Rooms | Motor City - hr

Discover the unparalleled flexibility of Motor City Grow Systems' modular grow rooms, clean rooms, and cultivation coolers. Crafted with the highest-quality materials, our systems are designed to meet your specific indoor cannabis cultivation needs. With no height or size restrictions, our team can prepare the perfect room for CBD production, cannabis cultivation, marijuana extracts, and more. Our rooms are designed to grow with you; as your needs increase, simply add more panels to expand your capacity. Best of all, our setups are easy to assemble, allowing you to get your operation up and running without delay. 

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Grow With The Best - Choose Motor City Grow Systems

Fast and discreet shipping to all 50 states. Backed by our extensive warranty. Made in the USA. 

Grow Cannabis With Confidence

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Industry-leading technology meets unparalleled
customer service.

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We’re dedicated to providing you with technologically advanced cannabis-growing setups that last.

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Our closed-cell modular panels are made with a mold-resistant and easy-to-clean bright white epoxy finish, minimizing maintenance and maximizing crop yield.

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Fully customizable options allow you to curate the perfect grow room, cleanroom, or cultivation cooler to fit your space.

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Fully Customizable Indoor Cannabis Grow Rooms | Motor City - MCGS-Custom1

Unmatched Flexibility and Quality in Cannabis Cultivation

Your vision, our expertise

To grow high-grade cannabis, you need a professionally designed indoor cultivation setup. Our fully customizable modular rooms offer you everything you want with the flexibility you need. Made with 4” solid tongue & groove panels, our systems are easy to assemble, expand, wire, and move, and provide structural stability for lights and ventilation systems. The closed-cell panel systems offer a sealed-off, air-tight space, allowing complete control over the environment. Our extruded polystyrene insulation is soundproof, smell proof, and protected under warranty for 50 years. 

Fully Customizable Indoor Cannabis Grow Rooms | Motor City - diff

Elevate Your Grow Operations

Discover how our customizable solutions can transform your cannabis cultivation.

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Fully Customizable Indoor Cannabis Grow Rooms | Motor City - MCGS-Custom2

Advanced Technology for Optimal Growth

Fully Customizable Indoor Cannabis Grow Rooms | Motor City - hr

Motor City Grow Systems blends leading-edge technology with practical design to create the most efficient and reliable cannabis grow rooms, cleanrooms, and cultivation coolers. Our easy-to-assemble setups are perfect for recreational or medical cannabis, CBD production, marijuana extracts, and industrial hemp farmers. The panels on our rooms are coated with a durable, cured epoxy finish that is both mold-resistant and easy to clean. The bright white finish helps to evenly spread light to all your plants, providing consistent yields across your operation. Every modular panel we sell is backed by our extensive 10-year warranty.   

An often overlooked aspect of indoor marijuana growth is security. We build customized magnetic access doors that can be outfitted to any one of our cannabis grow rooms, cleanrooms, or cultivation coolers. Your customized doors can be fitted for key cards, electronic access, or any other locking mechanism you choose. Combine that with our panels made of galvanized steel, and you’ve got yourself a fully secure, completely customizable cannabis growing facility.