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Cannabis Cleanrooms

Modular Cleanroom Enclosures for the Commercial Cannabis Industry

For over a decade, Motor City Grow Systems have been proven leaders in engineering quality and durable construction for the medical marijuana and CBD industry.

  • 10-Year Panel Warranty
  • 50-Year Insulation Warranty
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Premium Components
  • Moisture/Mold Resistant Panels
  • Custom Wall and Ceiling Heights
  • Environmental Control Engineering
  • Scalable/Portable Wall Systems

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Multi-Compartment Modular Cleanrooms in Any Size or Layout

Multi-Compartment Modular Cleanrooms
Modular Cleanroom Enclosures for Cannabis Industry | Motor City Grow Rooms - divider

Cannabis and Marijuana Cleanroom Environments: Be Prepared for Increased Production Standards

There’s no doubt that medical marijuana and medical CBD derivatives will eventually be held to the same standards guiding the pharma industry. Let us help you design and prepare a cannabis cleanroom that measures up.

Cannabis and Marijuana Cleanroom Marijuana Cleanroom

Air-Tight Cleanrooms are the First Step to Achieving Cleanliness Standards

Motor City Grow Systems specializes in the design and manufacturing of clean, climate-controlled modular rooms that meet the cleanroom needs of the marijuana-growing industry. Our 4” modular wall systems with closed-cell insulation and cam locks create an airtight enclosure that helps you control air quality and climate for extraction and storage of medical marijuana and CBD oils. Our cleanroom walls are made with high-end galvanized steel, with a white, cured-epoxy coating on it that is tough, mold and mildew resistant, easy to clean, and looks new for years down the road.

Why Our Commercial Medical Marijuana and CBD Cleanrooms are Better:

  • Easy to Assemble - Saves time to get your room built & growing.
  • Smell Proof - Tight joints & seals provide an airtight environment.
  • Solid 4" Construction - Provides structural stability for hanging lights and ventilation.
  • Brilliant White Interior Walls - Designed for UV stability and easy sterilization between growing.
  • Custom Designs - We fit your space.
  • Easy to Clean - Baked enamel over galvanized steel will give you a lifetime of service.
  • Large Access Doors - Custom made to the size that you need.
  • Expandable - As your needs grow, add panels to your room to expand to any size.
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We’ll Help You Create the Perfect Growing Environment

Our network of trusted suppliers is ready to work with you.

  • Fire Suppression
  • HVAC
  • Air Quality
  • Security Systems
  • Lighting
  • Irrigation Systems

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About Motor City Grow Systems

Motor City Grow Systems provides commercial indoor growing solutions for the cannabis cultivation and farming industry including producers of CBD/industrial hemp, commercial cannabis products and extracts, and cannabis startups for medical and recreational dispensaries.

Why work with us:

  • Fast Quotes: 4 hours or less, with CAD design
  • Fast Delivery: We meet tight deadlines anywhere in U.S.
  • Best Warranties: 10-Year Panel / 50-Year Insulation
  • Made in the USA

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